Thursday, 4 October 2007

Breakfast with Scot

Director: Laurie Lynd
Country: Canada

Hockey player-turned-sports commentator Eric (Ed Cavanagh) and Sam (Ben Shenkman) are a gay couple that find out that Sam's brother's ex has died, orphaning young Scot (Noah Bernett). As part of the will, they must take care of him before Billy, Sam's troublesome brother, can come back into the country to take Scot. Eric fears that Scot will be a nuisance but as it turns out, he's not the typical child. He likes musicals instead of sports, likes put on his mother's makeup and jewelery, and tends to be really sensitive. This seems to bother Eric even more.

Though the issue of homosexuality is discussed a few times, this is really no more than your average Christmas family movie. With much of society's attitude towards gays still closed-minded, there's no doubt that it won't be as popular with "traditional" families (and indeed family groups), but it follows the same formula of a holiday "feel-good comedy", and that's where I found it lacking. It doesn't really explore the issues it raises with too much depth, instead focusing on the situations in which Eric and Scot find themselves. Ben Shenkman doesn't even play a huge role in this. He has a few key scenes, but is really only a background character, which is disappointing.

If you like watching the typical family movie for the holidays and are comfortable with gays, then this might be for you. Otherwise, it's not really worth seeing as it is simply not a great movie.

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