Thursday, 11 October 2007

Relative Humidity

Short Film Series
Country: Canada

The third of four short film series in this film festival that focuses on Canadian filmmakers. This will by my last short film series (as I will not see the fourth), and is another solid body of work.

The Cabinet
Director: Karen Lam

What starts off as a romantic comedy quickly turns into a creepy horror, as a woman discovers her lover's dark secret.

Director: Kryshan Randel

After a hard break-up, a woman develops the ability to predict the outcome of potential future relationships. A supernatural story of catharsis.

In Her Ear
Director: Kris Elgstrand

There is a reason why there are only two people at Carrie's party, and it's more amusing than you think. A very weird and wonderful story about a girl who just wants to sleep.

Director: Karl R. Hearne

A man and a woman are about to move in together. The man does not like to have too many "stuff" in his house, but the woman has lots of "stuff". A battle of wills ensues. A very cynical comedy about relationships.

Cursing Hanley
Director: Kelly Harms

Hanley is cursed by his fiancée after he unceremoniously breaks up with her, leading to a series of very unfortunate (and sometimes entertaining) events.

Diamonds in a Bucket
Director: Sherry White

In Newfoundland, a girl tries to find love, while a man tries to find a backup singer. A dark Newfoundland comedy about desperation.

Director: Sean Garrity

After some bad news from his fiancée Janet, Kyle begins to rearrange everything in their apartment. A touching and unique story about love, lust, and artistic interpretation.

True Love
Director: Adam Brodie, Dave Derewlany

Easily the funniest Canadian short I've seen in this year's festival, this tells the story of a man who forces two people to fall in love... at gunpoint. A very cynical take on society's expectations of what a relationship should be like.

Q&A: For some reason these short film series Q&A sessions have been plagued with a lack of questions from the audience. Today was not as bad, but it still started off with very little in terms of audience participation, prompting questions from the host of the screening. It eventually lead to a few audience questions, but the sessions still didn't last too long. I did like that a few audience members weren't afraid to use technical terms when asking questions. It is a film festival after all.

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