Friday, 5 October 2007


English Title: Dust
Director: Hartmut Bitomsky
Country: Germany/Switzerland

Dust is everywhere. It's a commonly accepted fact of life. But did you know that there are people out there whose lives center around this particularly small and often ignored particle? This is the premise of this German documentary.

I can certainly appreciate the idea behind this documentary. I was even highly intrigued by some segments. However, I found the presentation of this to be very bland. The low-pitched monotone German narration is the main reason for this. Though hampered by the language barrier, it does not change the fact that the narrator just could not keep my interest. Not only this, but some of the interviews are also boring. I literally fell asleep at one point, which does not happen very often (granted, I was pretty tired, but this does not diminish the fact that the movie failed to keep my interest levels high).

If you are one of those people who are excited by the subject of dust, then this one is for you. I cannot really see who else would be captivated by this movie.

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