Sunday, 7 October 2007


Director: John Jeffcoat
Country: USA

Todd (Josh Hamilton) works a cushy job as a sales manager for a firm that sells tacky American-themed products, a job which he soon finds out is going to be outsourced to India. He retains a position in the company to train his successor and new employees on American culture so that the call centre will succeed. He finds resistance to this, especially from the very proud Asha (Ayesha Dharker).

This is a typical fish-out-of-water romantic comedy, but is a fairly well-made one. It deals with the issue of outsourcing through the exploration of the differences between American and Indian culture, quite often to comedic results. Having done a lot of traveling around, culture shock is a particularly interesting topic to me. This movie does not really delve deep into the cultural conflicts, but also does not get overly sappy and sentimental, which saves it from being a horrible movie.

If you are involved in any corporate culture that outsources work (which, I would assume, would include a majority of all big companies), or tend to find culture shock amusing, then this is for you.

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